Program Overview

  • Category: Engineering Design
  • Type: Team Based Competition Lab, Single Player Lab

Key Highlights

    •    Marketing
    •    Engineering
    •    Business
    •    RFP, Gears, Torque, Power, Energy, Profit, Revenue
    •    Vehicle Performance Competition
    •    One Year Sales Competition
    •    Collaboration
    •    Communication
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Program Details

Vehicle Performance Challenge (VPC) is a team based competition lab in which teams are representing a real-world car production comapny . Student teams will receive an RFP from a fictious restaurant to produce delivery Vehicles to deliver their food.

The teams will go through all the process that a real company goes through. In the Marketing Phase of the lab, the teams will read and understand the RFP and finalize the requirements such as Speed, Range, Cost.. of the vehicle to build.

In the Engineering Phase, teams will learn the concepts such as gears, gear ratio, torque, power, energy etc.. and configure a vehicle that can meet the requirements.

In the Business Phase of the lab, teams will learn the basic concepts of Business and use data models to figure out the final price of the vehicle so that they get maximum profit.

At the end of the lab, the vehicles of each team will run through a simulated test track simultaneously to find out the Best Performance Vehicle.

All the vehicles will also participate in a simulated Sales Competition in which based on the price, specifications and demand of the vehicle, customers will buy the vehicles and each team will get a profit. The team with the most profit wins the Sales Competition.