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Frequently Asked Questions


No, the labs are purely virtual and does not require any experiment setups. Students only need a device (tablet, laptop or chromebook) and an internet connection

Yes, the application is designed to run the labs in a classroom environment. You can login as a teacher, create your classroom roster and then release a lab to your classroom. The application provides a beautiful teacher console to monitor the progress made by the students.

No, you can have any number of students in a classroom.

Yes, the labs purely virtual, students can run the virtual lab from their home, the only thing needed is a device (tablet, laptop or chromebook) and an internet connection.

It varies from Lab to Lab, we have labs that take half an hour to finish to labs that needs a week classroom time (5 hours)

Currently we support two modes of purchase, 1. You can reach out to us at and get a coupon, apply the coupon during the purchase and get the lab to your classroom. 2. Purchase the lab from website and upload the receipt while purchasing.