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Helping the Educators

We've engineered a platform that not only empowers educators but places their needs at the forefront. ActiveLearningLabs not only provides interactive CTE content but alleviates teachers from administrative burdens, allowing them to invest their energy in addressing students' needs rather than getting entangled in classroom logistics.

We help educators by providing

  • Real-time Progress Tracking Console
  • Automatically scored activities
  • Highlights students who are slow or moving very fast
  • Consolidated collaboration monitoring
  • And much more..
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Real-time Console for Labs

The real-time teacher console to track student progress in labs.

We've crafted a real-time student progress tracking console that serves as your ultimate command center in the classroom. This intuitive tool consolidates every aspect of classroom dynamics into a single, user-friendly interface.

Track the team-level or individual student-level progress.
Locate the current activity the student is working on.
Dive into any student's answers for any activity.
Pending actions against any student or team

Teacher Console for Interactive Worksheets

The teacher console for interactive worksheets are even simpler than the lab teacher console. You can easily track

Worksheet is in progress/ completed / returned
Average score of all students in the classroom
Average time taken by the students
Teacher console for interactive worksheets
A gif showing the scoring dashboard of ActiveLearningLabs

Comprehensive Scoring Dashboard

By considering variables such as activity completion percentages, scores earned in various activities like worksheets, review questions, and writing activities, as well as collaboration scores, our dashboard offers a well-rounded assessment of student performance.

The scores can be visualized using a real-time graph which helps to make data-informed decisions.

You can easily export the scores and other metrics into your Learning Management System (LMSs), at the same time we provide LTI1.3 integrations which will automoate this process.

Elevate Collaboration with Automated Challenge Labs

Experience the power of collaborative learning like never before with our automated challenge-based labs. These labs blend teamwork, competition, and dynamic interactions to create an engaging and stimulating environment for students.

Our platform handles every aspect of this dynamic setup, ensuring a seamless experience for educators and students alike.

Automated Team Assignment

Our platform intelligently assigns teams, considering factors that contribute to effective collaboration and diverse skill distribution.

Effortless Team Score Compilation

Scores from various collaborative activities are aggregated in real time, providing educators with an instant overview of team performance.

Recognition and Rewards

We have an automated award ceremony page that showcases top-performing teams based on multiple parameters.

Complete Team-Level Tracking

Stay informed about team progress at a glance.Our platform tracks the completion status of each team.Personalized feedback for teams is integrated seamlessly.