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ActiveLearningLabs Mission

Our mission is to provide simulation assisted interactive & collaborative learning experiences to improve outcomes in Math, Economics, Business, STEM, Social Sciences and 21st Century Skills for students 10 and older.

Our goal is to prepare students for careers or to contribute to building a skilled workforce for the USA.

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two students looking at computer with graphs
A professional looking careers in laptop

Empowering Future Entrepreneurs and Workforce Professionals

Aspiring entrepreneurs and those entering the workforce need -

  • Solid knowledge about industries
  • Essential Skills
  • 21st-century competencies like collaboration and communication

Our innovative platform recognizes the limitations of passive learning methods and uses interactive simulations for active engagement.

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Beyond Content: Fostering 21st Century Skills

We're committed to cultivating the 21st century skills that are vital for success in the modern world.

What sets us apart is our emphasis on collaboration. Many of our labs are designed as collaborative team-based experiences, requiring team members to make collective decisions for their team's success. This approach not only mirrors real-world dynamics but also nurtures essential teamwork skills.


In our team-based labs, team members have to communicate with each other to succeed in the challenge.


Each member will be playing different roles in such labs, the success of the team depends on the success of each individual.

Critical Thinking

Be it team or individual activity, they are designed to provoke the critical thinking of the students.


Each lab has activities such as writing letters, designing logos for the team etc.

Interactivity at the Core

We're driven by a firm belief in the transformative power of interactive activities.

That's why all our labs are meticulously designed to incorporate dynamic elements like interactive worksheets, drag-and-drop activities and hands-on writing exercises. These components work together with our knowledge-building content to create a holistic learning experience.

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An interactive worksheet showing simulation of share market