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Interactive, Dynamic Worksheets for Classrooms

Students of today needs worksheets that are Dynamic and Interactive, because that will gamify their learning, challenge, engage and empower them in their learning.

Static worksheets such as conventional paper based worksheets or annotation worksheets don't challenge students..

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Interactive Controls

Interactive controls in worksheets can greatly enhance student engagement by providing opportunities for students to actively participate and interact with the material they are learning

When students are able to manipulate and control different elements of a worksheet, they become more invested and interested in the content

This can lead to increased motivation, better understanding and retention of information, and ultimately, improved academic performance

 Student using image spinners to create a proper meal plan.
Using image spinners to create a proper meal plan.
Using sliders to interact with the graph to find the best price.
Using sliders to interact with the graph to find the best price.

We offer a wide range of interactive controls in our worksheets to enhance learning and engagement. These controls include

  • Sliders
  • Image Spinners
  • Drop Downs
  • Input Boxes
  • Multiple Choice
  • Toggle Switch
  • And more..

Dynamic Behaviour

Dynamic worksheets have the ability to change or update based on user input or other data. They have a dynamic behavior that allows for interactive features such as calculations, data visualizations, and conditional formatting.

Unlike static worksheets, dynamic worksheets provide an engaging and interactive learning experience for students, as they can actively participate in the learning process and see the effects of their actions in real time.

Additionally, dynamic worksheets can provide instant feedback to students, helping them to quickly identify and correct any mistakes or misunderstandings.

the color of the cells changing based on user input
The color of the cell changes based on user input
Input validated using checkbox and chart update based on user input.
Input validated using checkbox and chart update based on user input.

Some examples of the dynamic behaviour that ActiveLearningSheets can support are:

  • Update charts based on users input
  • Change the color of the cells
  • Run computations and update the values
  • Change the values of another control
  • Immediate validations and feedbacks
  • Validate the entire worksheet before submission
  • And more..
A sample worksheet with graphs and number boxes

Assign Purely Digital, Dynamic, Interactive Worksheets to your Classroom for Free!

Gone are the days of static worksheets, today's students are interested in dynamic behaviour, they want to see the cause and effect of each of the decisions they make.

We know that, paper based worksheets can not be interactive, we know the challenges faced by educators and students in using Google sheets or Excel based worksheet assignments. Don't worry, we have a wonderful solution to help you!

  • Purely Digital Dynamic Worksheets
  • Teacher console to track progress
  • Automatic Grading
  • Highly Interactive Controls
  • Create your own Worksheets with our Designer
  • Auto clones the worksheets for each student
  • Assign due date, Minimum score to submit & Limit the attempts
  • Time spent report, score report and much more
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You design in Google Sheet and then we do the Magic

Every classroom needs are different, only you - the teacher knows the need of your classroom. But creating a digital worksheet as per your requirements is challenging with the current set of tools.

What if you can design you worksheet idea in Google Sheet - the well known spreadsheet software, and we do the magic to convert your Google Sheet to interactive, classroom ready ActiveLearningSheet?

Google Sheets is a powerful tool to create simple & complex activities, but using them in classrooms poses certain challenges, such as creating copies for each student, evaluating each copy, difficulty controlling the editable area, no interactive controls etc..

We have created a magical tool that can convert a Google Sheet into an ActiveLearning Worksheet with interactive controls, and we have taken care of all the classroom distribution & scoring logic.

Create Your First Worksheet
Active Learning Sheet
Image showing coversion of Google Sheet to an interactive worksheet.

Here is how it works

1. Choose a name & template for your worksheet.

You can choose one of our many templates & customize it to quickly start a worksheet or start with a blank template. If you already have a Google Sheet designed, even better, you just import it.

2. Customize the Google Sheet that got created.

Layout your content, add logic, graphs, conditional formatting, validation etc. in the Google Sheet that opened

3. Add Interactive Controls & Validations.

An ActiveLearningSheet will be created with exactly same content as your Google Sheet, add interactive controls such as sliders, image spinners, radio buttons, rich text editor etc.. to the ActiveLearningSheet from our Designer

4. Setup your classroom, load your roster and assign the worksheet.

You can quickly load your students by uploading an excel file or pull your roster from Google Classroom.

5. Monitor the progress & Manage the classroom.

Use the teacher console to monitor the progress, send messages to students, download scores etc.


How Dynamic Worksheets enhances learning experience?

Game Like Feel

When user inputs a value, if elements in the worksheet update based on the input, the students will be eager to try different options and to do the cause-effect analysis. This lets the students learn the concept in depth.

Run your complex logic in the background

You can have any logic implemented and include the user's input in that logic.

Update Visual Elements

Visual elements such as Graphs, Images, Total Score etc.. will update based on the student's input.!


How are we different?

We have researched about the difficulties with existing worksheet frameworks, we crafted ActiveLearningSheets to solve these shortcomings.


Paper Based Worksheet

Need to take printouts for each student and distribute        

The only way to know the progress is wait for the students to return the papers

Manually collect and evaluate the printouts of each student

Always static

No user controls, only pen.


Google Sheet or Excel

Need to manually clone the Google sheet or Excel for each student

Need to go and open each clone periodically to see if the student completed

Manually Open the clone of each student and get the scores

Dynamic, but there is an extra task to add access control to all cells

User can enter value to a textfield, checkbox or dropdown, no other controls



Automatically creates clones for each student and notifies students about their new assignment

The realtime teacher console automatically shows the progress of entire classroom and each student

The teacher console automatically collects and displays the scores

Dynamic, the designer can insert user input controls to the specific cells where user input is expected.

Highly interactive user controls like sliders, image spinners, radio buttons, checkboxes, toggles, dropdowns, textfield etc..

Dynamic Worksheets vs Static Worksheets

A paper based static worksheet

There are applications that will let you upload PDFs and add textboxes wherever the user needs to enter value. But are they really digital worksheets or just PDF annotations?

They are static activities that that don't challenge or engage or empower students in their learning.

They don't take advantage of the potential of the technologies that we have today.

Digital worksheets should have all the advanced user controls, should be interactive, and the worksheet should be capable of responding to user's input by showing changes in the worksheet.

Gif showing difference between static and dynamic worksheet

Here is a sample interactive worksheet where the student is given one of the real life application of fractions and multiplication.

Student will compute the cost of each item to purchase by looking at the cost card of the supermarket.

An immediate feedback is configured in this worksheet to let student know if the answer is correct or not

The total amount is automatically calculated and displayed.