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Tim Felke, Founder

Tim Felke

CEO & Founder

" We believe that simulations of real-life situations are a useful way to augment current educational practices."

Our Mission

Classroom management, 21st century skills


We know that to be successful we must first help the educator.

To do so, we:

  • Engage your students in activities that build 21st century skills
  • Provide a framework that allows you to focus on student needs rather than classroom logistics
  • Integrate with your existing classroom activities and curriculum
  • Prepare student outcome reports that support your learning management systems


We deliver EdTech for the classroom based on our core beliefs:

  • Students learn best when actively engaged rather than passively listening
  • When students work in teams, they help each other succeed
  • Critical and computational thinking are essential skills in tomorrow's world
  • Cross-curriculum activities build deeper understanding
  • Simulations demonstrate STEM/STEAM concepts in an accessible format
  • Engage educators as partners in development of the content

ActiveLearningLabs strives to improve student outcomes by offering team-based simulations of real-world leadership challenges that provide cross-curricular exposure to concepts in STEM, economics, and civics while developing SEL skills in a true-to-life social context.

The resulting educational solution provides interactive simulations, competition that gamifies a wide variety of scenarios, collaboration to develop social skills. and fundamental learning of STEM concepts.

How We Do It?

Activity Based Challenges

We don't expect students to learn STEM just by watching some videos or reading some documents, our challenges are filled with activities which needs student's active participation. Such activities includes, ActiveLearningLabs custom worksheets, Interactive Simulations etc..

Team-Based Collaborative Learning

Most of the challenges in ActiveLearningLabs are team-based challenges where the classroom is split into teams, and the teams compete with each other for a common goal. We have found that this increases the Interpersonal skills, Confidence and Communication skills.

Helping Educators

We know that, to incorporate new technologies, we must reduce the burden on the teacher first. ActiveLearningLabs has a very simplified, single-window monitoring system that can give the teachers a holistic view of the entire classroom lab.

Personalized Learning

Teachers can easily add or remove activities to a lab that is running in a classroom.

Intrinsic Motivation

Labs brings out the motivation due to drives and rewards internal to students.

Classroom, Remote & Hybrid

ActiveLearningLabs is suitable for all modes of teaching, be it Classroom or Remote or Hybrid. The software provides many collaboration tools for the team members to collaborate. The teacher is presented with real-time dashboards and communication options to reach the students or teams faster.


How does it work?


Labs are structured as interactive simulations that teach key aspects of critical thinking and "workforce readiness"


Labs are worked by student teams and last approximately 1 week (5 sessions)


Software automatically assigns students to teams, and manages activity flow


Students work together to solve simulated problems over a sequence of turns


Teacher monitors the progress made by each team and gives feedback at proper intervals


Teacher will show the results of each team upto this point at frequent intervals to create excitement


At the end of the lab, students reflect on their experience and internalize their learning


Students downloads their artifacts such as Certificate, Lab Report, Design Log Book etc.


Lab Catalogue

  • All
  • Its Your Business
  • Better By Design
  • Thinking For A Change
  • Inventing The Future
  • Making History

Snack Stand

Vehicle Performance Challenge

Regenerative Forestry

vGravity Cruiser

vCyber Security


ActiveLearningLabs Product Offerings


Our platform provides.

  • Student lab view
  • Certificates & Lab Reports
  • Team Collaboration Options
  • Automatic Team Assignment
  • Real-time teacher dashboard
  • Teacher Reports


Labs that Provide an Interactive educational Experience for single students, Family, Classroom or other group of Students.

  • Interactive Simulations
  • Team & Individual Interactive Worksheets
  • Team & Individual Design Logs
  • Document & Videos for Building knowledge
  • Review Questions

Development Studio

Utilites that allow an educator to create & modify the content existing Labs

  • Collaborative Editing
  • Team Based, Individual contents
  • Drag & Drop interface
  • Buit in support for National Standards
  • Glossary, Journey Map, Teacher tips..

Our Founder

Tim Felke

CEO & Founder

Tim has been an Engineering Fellow for nearly 30 years working with several companies focused on aerospace and automotive applications. His specialty is in simulation, modelling, and diagnostics of complex systems.

Tim founded ActiveLearningLabs to combine his experience in simulations with his passion for education. ActiveLearningLabs is providing computer assisted, collaborative learning experiences for students 12 and older.

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