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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you should sign up to ActiveLearningLabs to create your teacher account.After creating your teacher account, create a new classroom and load your students. This will create the student accounts, send them an automatic email with the credentials to login.

No, student should not signup as any signed up user will be treated as a teacher.The teacher has to add load the students to a classroom so that the student accounts will be created and all the loaded students will receive an invite email with the credentials to login. to monitor the progress made by the students.

No, you can have any number of students in a classroom.

Yes, the worksheets are purely virtual, students can run the virtual worksheets from their home, the only thing needed is a device (tablet, laptop or chromebook) and an internet connection.

It varies from Worksheet to Worksheet, normally it is between 10 minutes and 30 minutes.

All the worksheets in the worksheet library that are tagged as FREE are free, you don't haveto pay anything for such worksheets. For the worksheets that are not tagged as FREE, you need to purchase them from TPT.

You just need to signup, go to worksheets and click on "Create New Worksheet", provide a name for your worksheetand a short description, then choose a template. The application will ask you to provide access to your Google account. Once you allow access to your Google account, a fresh ActiveLearningSheet and the corresponding Google sheet will be created. You can customize the Google Sheet and make the ActiveLearningSheet in sync with the Google Sheet.

As long as you have write access to the Google sheet and the main sheet name is "Activity", you can import that Google Sheet and create a new ActiveLearningSheet from it.

This means that, either you don't have access to the file or the ID you entered is wrong.Make sure that the Google account you provided to ActiveLearningSheet and the account which has access to the Google Sheet are the same.

Click on "Reload Google Sheet Changes" button to bring all the changes from the source Google Sheet to ActiveLearningSheet