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Leadership Team

Tim Felke - Founder & Chief Executive Officer at ActiveLearningLabs

Tim Felke

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Tim has been an Engineering Fellow for nearly 30 years working with several companies focused on aerospace and automotive applications. His specialty is in simulation, modelling, and diagnostics of complex systems.

Tim founded ActiveLearningLabs to combine his experience in simulations with his passion for education. ActiveLearningLabs is partnered with SAE A World In Motion (AWIM) to provide computer assisted, collaborative learning experiences for students 12 and older.

Upesh M - Chief Technology Officer at ActiveLearningLabs

Upesh M

Chief Technology Officer

With over a decade of experience in the dynamic realm of software engineering, armed with a Bachelor of Technology degree in Computer Science, Upesh's journey has been defined by an unwavering passion for technology and a relentless pursuit of innovation. A true technophile at heart, Upesh's expertise encompasses a broad spectrum of technologies, with a keen focus on Java, JavaScript, Microservice and Solution Architecture.

Collaborating with Mr. Tim Felke, Upesh's involvement in ActiveLearningLabs has been nothing short of transformative. He has taken the reins of development, architecture, and pivotal technical decisions for ActiveLearningLabs, guiding the endeavor towards new horizons of success.

Amy Smith-Watson - Director of Education and Marketing at ActiveLearningLabs

Amy Smith-Watson

Director of Education and Marketing

Amy Smith-Watson is the Director of Education and Marketing at ActiveLearningLabs™, LLC (ALL). Her experience includes nine years of full-time high school teaching along with 10 years of corporate training, consulting, and management. This combination has resulted in many trusting, strategic partnerships with teachers, administrators, staff, and company thought leaders.

Amy is part of the leadership team that ensures that all programs increase pre-professional awareness and participation in STEAM and financial literacy education to help solve today’s educational challenges. Amy has a passion for helping instructors fit ALL’s classroom-ready simulation-based labs and activities supplement any middle school, high school, or workforce development curriculum.

Amy has won several awards such as • CODIE 2021 SIAA Winner for Best Foundational Technology/Engineering (STEM) Instructional Solution, • EdTech 2022 Winner for Classroom Management Solution and Corporate Training Solution, • Creative Child 2022 Digital Downloads & Interactive Online Media.

Terri Meyer - Product Management at ActiveLearningLabs

Terri Meyer

Product Management

Ms. Meyer holds a BA in Information and Computer Science, worked for Lockheed Martin and IBM, then retired from IBM after 32 in the software development industry. Early in her career she had a range of responsibilities relating to the full software development cycle (e.g., requirements definition, code, unit test, integration, fault tolerant and acceptance testing and configuration management) mainly in SEI CMM Level 3 and 5 organizations. Ms. Meyer has held various management positions as Change Request Manager, Training Manager, Agile Transition Team Lead, Project scheduler, Incentive Fee Manager, and Project Manager for a large IT contract with the IRS. Ms. Meyer is PMI-ACP certified and a certified Resilient Leadership Coach. Ms. Meyer provides management and coaching services to the ALL Team..