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How Teachers Can Make Classroom Ready Worksheets?

You might have a very good worksheet idea, but creating a digital worksheet and delivering it to the classroom can be challenging with existing methods.

If you have a little bit of knowledge using Google Sheets, we have solved your problem.

If you can layout your worksheet idea in a Google Sheet, then we have our framework to convert the Google Sheet you designed to a classroom ready worksheet.

Step 1: Signup to ActiveLearningLabs

If you don't have an ActiveLearningLabs account, please Create Your Account using a username, first name and last name and an optional email. It is recommended to provide the email address as it will give you more features such as daily progress email, student requests via email etc..

We also provide an option to signup using you Google Account.

Step 2: Create a new worksheet or Import an existing Google Sheet

To create an ActiveLearningSheet, there are two ways. One is to create a fresh ActiveLearningSheet by clicking on Worksheets -> Create New -> Create New Worksheet.

Provide a name for your worksheet, a short description and then choose a template. If you don't need any template, choose blank template. Now, the application will ask you to authorize access to you Google Drive and Google Sheet APIs. We need access to your Google Drive and Sheet APIs because, when creating the ActiveLearningSheet, we will also create a Google Sheet based on the template you selected in your Google Drive. You will be laying out your worksheet idea in this created Google Sheet. You can do all Google Sheet operations such as formatting cells (merge, coloring, border, aligning etc..), do calculations (you can use any Google sheet formulas), do conditional formats etc.

The second way to create ActiveLearningSheet is to import an existing Google Sheet that you already have. Click on Worksheets -> Create New -> Create From Existing Google Sheet. This will bring all the formatting, calculation etc.. from the Google Sheet to ActiveLearningSheet

Step 3: Reload Changes From Google Sheet

Now that you have completed all your worksheet design in the Google Sheet that got created, click on the button "Reload Google Sheet Changes" to bring all the changes you did into ActiveLearningSheet. This will make your Google Sheet and ActiveLearningSheet in sync. None of the content in the ActiveLearningSheet will be editable, so if you want to make any change to the content or formatting, do it in the Google Sheet and click on "Reload Google Sheet Changes" button again to make them in sync.

Step 4: Add Interactive Controls

As said, the content in the ActiveLearningSheet is not editable, then how will the students interact with the worksheet? To do so, wherever you want the students to enter values, insert any of our interactive controls.

To insert an interactive control, just hover on the cell where you want the control to be placed, click on the three dots, click on "Add Control" menu button.

This will open the right side panel where you can choose the type of control and configure it.

The charts and conditional formatting that you applied will be copied as is, so you don't have to worry about adding them separately.

To know more about interactive controls, click here

Step 5: Preview as Student and Confirm

Now that you have the ActiveLearningSheet design and calculations ready, click on the "Student View" button to preview as student. Play with the controls and make sure that the worksheet is working properly. If everything is alright, your worksheet is ready to be assigned to a classroom.

The training videos below will help you to implement your worksheet idea in Google Sheet and ultimately converting it to ActiveLearningSheet


Basic Conversion Example

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