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Insuring Your Financial Future

Lab Description

This lab includes several interactive activities to enhance student engagement and facilitate a deeper understanding of insurance concepts.

Students will participate in hands-on activities such as categorizing risks, calculating insurance premiums, and analyzing case studies. Students will also learn about Auto Insurance, Renters Insurance, Homeowners Insurance, Health Insurance, and Life Insurance in depth.

The following are included in the lab:

  1. Interactive worksheets to categorize unexpected events
  2. Introduction to insurance and its need.
  3. Interactive worksheet that demonstrates two situations - with and without insurance
  4. How insurance companies are profitable and the concept of insurance pooling using interactive worksheets.
  5. Understanding coverage
  6. Auto insurance
  7. Introduction and basic coverage details such as collision, comprehensive etc.
  8. Interactive worksheet to compare and choose an insurance coverage
  9. Factors affecting the premium
  10. Worksheet activity to analyze the declaration page
  11. Renters Insurance
  12. Introduction, factors affecting the premium
  13. Sample renters insurance
  14. Homeowners Insurance
  15. Introduction
  16. Analyzing a sample policy
  17. Health Insurance
  18. Worksheet to analyze hospital expenses in USA
  19. Interactive worksheet to compare insurance plans
  20. Life Insurance
  21. Writing a letter to parents talking about the importance of various insurance

There are many other writing and analysis activities included in the lab.

Who this course is for

Middle and High school students

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  • Price per Classroom $5 00
  • Type Individual Activities
  • Duration 2 Hours
  • Activities 39
  • Ideal For Middle School,  High School,