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Snack Stand - Individual

Lab Description

This is the individual/single-player version of the original Snack Stand lab. Snack Stand is a business simulation lab in which the students are asked to run a virtual snack stand for the Family Field Day event at school.

The students will analyze the data from the events in the past 5 years to understand & build data models for each of the three products that can be sold at the event. Based on the models, they will make purchasing decisions, price the products for each of the 2 hours in the event, and adjust the price based on the weather of the hour. Students are given an objective that they have to make at least $150.00 profit by the end of the 2nd hour.

This particular lab is a shortened version of the full version which will be run by teams and has ten products to be sold.

Who this course is for

The lab is suitable for middle school and high school students.

Award Ceremony & Certificates

If the student could adjust the prices of the products to make a profit of $150.00, they will win the challenge.

  • Price per Classroom $10 00
  • Type Individual Activities
  • Duration 2 Hours
  • Activities 44
  • Ideal For Middle School,  High School,